Writing: The Athenaeum

Below is a list of works published in The Athenaeum, Acadia University’s student newspaper. All pieces are available to read on The Athenaeum website, theath.ca.

All writing was completed during the 2014-2015 academic year. While writing for the newspaper, Riley was also the Arts & Culture section editor.

“Tips for your first year away.” The Athenaeum, 2014. theath.ca.

“Music: Helping and hindering.” The Athenaeum, 2014. theath.ca.

“Performing Arts Series 2014-2015.” The Athenaeum, 2014. theath.ca.

“Profs Let Loose: Acadia’s Faculty Improv Group.” The Athenaeum, 2014. theath.ca.

“Castrati: They suffered for their art.” The Athenaeum, 2014. theath.ca.

“Call For Ideas: The Awesome Foundation needs you!.” The Athenaeum, 2014. Theath.ca.

“Sunday On The Rocks.” The Athenaeum, 2014. theath.ca.  

“Shattering the Silence Has Something For Everyone.” The Athenaeum, 2015. theath.ca.

“Do Not Miss the Second Half of the PAS.” The Athenaeum, 2015. theath.ca.

“The Brogue Saxophone Quartet to Play at the KCIC.” The Athenaeum, 2015. theath.ca.

“Tom Regan: A fourth year reflection.” The Athenaeum, 2015. theath.ca.

“The Future of Music Making at Acadia.” The Athenaeum, 2015. theath.ca.